Welcome to AQUASPA™

We welcome you to AQUASPA™ – our Australian created and manufactured CHLORINE AND BROMINE FREE SANITISING SYSTEM.

We hope that you spend many enjoyable hours and years using it in your Spa or Hot Tub and that it will greatly enhance the spa experience for both you and your family.

AQUASPA™ is a proven, tried and trusted, system that is both gentle to bathers with allergies or sensitive skin, as well as keeping your water healthy and sparkling.

The Birth of AQUASPA™

Since most of us can remember, CHLORINE or BROMINE had been the only recognised sanitisers for Spas and Hot Tubs as a different form of sanitisation hadn’t been available.

Over the years, and for numerous diverse reasons, spa users had been looking for an alternative method of sanitising their precious Spas and Hot Tubs that didn’t contain either CHLORINE or BROMINE.

Realising the necessity and demand for a new option for those spa users looking for this alternative, we decided to research the manufacture of a NEW SANITISING SYSTEM that would both safely and easily sanitise Spas and would be both CHLORINE AND BROMINE FREE.

As a result of our research, the AQUASPA™ CHLORINE AND BROMINE FREE SANITISING SYSTEM came into being.