What is AQUASPA™?

The technology behind the AQUASPA™ SYSTEM is a revolutionary combination of 3 products, the base of which is known as PHMB better known as POLYHEXANIDE and this is used in the sanitiser component. The sanitiser, which is specially formulated to control the growth of bacteria in your spa, is extremely gentle on skin, hair and clothing, as well as having no harsh side effects on either the spa or the equipment.

Other uses for POLYHEXANIDE

Other products containing POLYHEXANIDE (PHMB) are used in numerous other circumstances for disinfection such as

  • Operating theatres and hospitals for
    • Post-operative dressings, surgical and non-surgical wound dressings
    • Surgical bath/hydrotherapy
    • Chronic wounds, foot ulcer and burn wound management
    • First aid
    • Surface and linen disinfection

Increased Demand

The AQUASPA™ SYSTEM is now being used and recommended by numerous Spa Manufacturers and Distributors all around the country.

The flow on effect of this has been an ever increasing demand on Pool and Spa Shops to stock the product from Spa & Hot Tub Owners wishing to run their spas with a CHLORINE & BROMINE FREE SYSTEM as they can see the many significant health and therapeutic benefits for both themselves and their families.

Spa Care Made Easy

You’ll find that applying the AQUASPA™ SYSTEM is an extremely user friendly experience that will treat your spa both simply and effectively. Being totally FREE OF CHLORINE AND BROMINE, it doesn’t smell or sting the eyes and, best of all, chemical fumes aren’t there to be breathed in as is often the case with other sanitisers. What’s more, the WEEKLY 3 STEP DOSING PROCEDURE makes it both easy and economical to administer.

Most, if not all, spa owners’ perception of their spa is of something that will afford them a gentle, healthy, relaxing therapeutic experience, whilst spending as little time as possible on its upkeep. Using the AQUASPA™ SYSTEM will provide you with exactly that.

Bearing this in mind, we have put together for you a simple and easy to follow guide on how to keep your AQUASPA™ in both a healthy and immaculate condition with the minimum of time, effort and expense.

Some important things you should know about your spa.

The 4 main things to keep your spa or hot tub healthy and sparkling are:


1. Sanitisation

The primary purpose of a sanitiser is to kill potentially harmful bacteria in your spa. Heated
water provides a fertile environment for bacteria to thrive in, and your sanitiser is your defence
against infections. Always dose accordingly and never use your spa without an effective sanitiser in the water (in your case AQUASPA™ SPA SANITISER).

2. Water Balance

Water balance refers to the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness level of the spa water. These act together and have an effect on water quality, equipment and your sanitiser. They should be checked and maintained in accordance with the spa manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, water is regarded as either balanced, corrosive or scaling.

  • Balanced water refers to water where the correct pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels are achieved.
  • Corrosive water usually refers to water with a low pH that is acidic. This will shorten the life of equipment in your spa and may also make water uncomfortable for bathers either in aggressive fuming or skin irritation.
  • Scaling water refers to water where the pH is generally too high and can lead to cloudy water and calcium deposits forming in pipes and around equipment.

3. Filtration

Obtaining the crystal clear water that you desire is dependent on a number of things and relies on them working in unison. Therefore, the AQUASPA™ CHLORINE AND BROMINE FREE SANITISING SYSTEM must be used in conjunction with high quality filters.

Why do you need a good and well-maintained filtration system?
The importance of good filtration cannot be stressed enough. A good filtration system is the number one factor in your quest to obtain healthy and sparkling water.

Good filtration
Will help keep the water healthy and clean as well as reducing the amount of time, effort and money you will need to spend on maintaining it.

Poor filtration
Will make your spa or hot tub water difficult to manage and will often result in having to drain it thus causing you extra financial and labour costs.

Your filters remove oxidised organic debris and suspended matter from your spa, providing you with both clear and sparkling water. Your filtration system should be run in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure optimum clarity.

Clean your cartridges regularly with AQUASPA™ INSTANT FILTER KLENZ and replace annually.
A cartridge will only hold a certain volume of debris, before flow rates and filter effectiveness diminish so it is imperative to keep cartridges as clean as possible all the time.

4. AQUASPA™ Chemicals for Spas and Hot Tubs

Used in conjunction with AQUASPA™ SPA SANITISER, our comprehensive range of AQUASPA™ SPA CHEMICALS, which have been designed specifically to complement the AQUASPA™ SYSTEM, will help maintain both the water quality and equipment efficiency of your spa for you. We have set out for you detailed descriptions of these items further on in the Guide.