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I have had an outdoor spa for twenty five years and until recently used a chlorine-based system. Encountering some skin problems, I did some research on alternative non-chlorine sanitising systems and recently converted my spa over to the Aquaspa range of products.

I have found the Aquaspa system easy to use with a simple weekly maintenance schedule and, not only is it kind to my skin, but it keeps my spa crystal clear and clean and does not require daily dosing of smelly and hazardous chemicals.

I could not be more pleased with the Aquaspa system of spa care.

John Hall, Canberra

Myself and my Team highly recommend AquaSpa products by Lochlor. Many of our clients have requested a Chlorine / Bromine Free Alternative for their spa and have now converted to the AquaSpa range, enjoying the many benefits. The team at Lochlor have created a great selection of products that make the transition to AquaSpa so simple and affordable with the Start-up Kit.

Andrew Phipps, Swimart Green Point

Good afternoon Jeff

Thank you for once again promptly replying to my questions about my spa chemicals.

I have been using the AquaSpa spa chemical system for ten years now and have found it to be a fantastic system. All of the chemicals are easy to use and have always given great results – keeping my spa crystal clear.

Thank you once again for your assistance.

Kay Jones

I just wanted to touch base and thank you for your guidance with the spa. A couple of weeks ago we did a full clean, including the pipe cleanz and then refilled the spa. I can confirm it appears to have fixed the issue with lovely clear water as a result.

Lesson has definitely been learned to clean the pipes each refil.

Again many thanks for your help.



Hi Aquaspa,
I love your products and use them in my spa, and it has been great. I was wondering does aquaspa have scent range, to make the spa smell a particular way.